Minecraft Dungeons coming to Steam September 22nd

Update: Microsoft and Mojang Studios have now officially announced that Minecraft Dungeons will be coming to Steam on September 22nd.

“Fire up your keyboards, check your RGB lights, and top it all off with a pair of oversized headphones because Minecraft Dungeons is launching on Steam! On September 22, you will be able to download the Minecraft Dungeons base game for $19.99 USD and the Ultimate Edition, which includes the base game along with all six DLCs, for $39.99 USD. When you purchase the Ultimate Edition on Steam, you also unlock special bonus content that consists of the entire game and all DLCs soundtrack and hi-res digital artwork featuring each DLC setting!”

Original article: A Minecraft game seems to be coming to Steam. One of the biggest PC games in the world is Minecraft, but it has never been on Steam. Now, the spin-off for the game, Minecraft Dungeons, seems to be coming to Valve’s platform over one year after the game launched. The game is available on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC. The PC version has its own launcher and can be played via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Thanks to Twitter user RobotBrush, we now know about the Steam page for Minecraft Dungeons. The game is supposedly launching on the service in September and includes all the recently announced DLC. The teams at Mojang Studios and Double Eleven have been adding new content to Minecraft Dungeons ever since launch. Recently the team revealed a new Ultimate Edition for the game, which seems to be the version available through Steam.

Check out the Steam page for Minecraft Dungeons here.

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