A throwback Halo 2 tournament featuring Halo legends is happening courtesy of Twitch Rivals on August 19th

Halo has been on the mind lately, and on August 19th we are going back to the mid 2000’s with a classic Halo tournament courtesy of Twitch.

16 Halo legends will battle it out for a prize pool of 50 thousand dollars playing Halo 2. We do not know everyone who is participating as of yet, but so far we know that Ninja, Halo pro turned Fortnite phenomenon, as well as Tsquared, Ghostayame, Walshy, and Elamite will be there competing for the prize. Chris Puckett and Dmaq of MLG fame will be returning to Halo to provide commentary over this tournament.

If you’re a fan of competitive Halo or the original days of Major League Gaming like I am, this event sounds like a dream come true. Classic Halo, some of the best Halo players of all time, and great commentary makes this event on August 19th one you won’t want to miss out on.

Austin "Proven" Nelson

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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