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List of Aircrafts in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has an incredible number of airports and points of interest, but these would mean nothing without a nice plane to fly in. The game offers a nice selection of different aircrafts between Airliners, Jets, Propellers and Turboprops — 20 of them being available for free in the Standard edition of the game, with 10 others being locked behind the Deluxe and Premium editions.

Check out down below a list with all the 30 aircrafts designed by Asobo Studio currently available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, complete with information regarding cruise speed, max altitude, endurance, range and availability:

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Airbus A320neo
ManufacturerAircraftCruise SpeedMax AltitudeEnduranceRangeAvailability
AirbusA320neo843 km/h39800 ft7 hr6484 kmBase Game
Boeing747-8 Intercontinental913 km/h43100 ft16 hr14820 kmBase Game
Boeing787-10 Dreamliner917 km/h41100 ft13 hr11912 kmPremium Edition


Textron Aviation Cessna Citation CJ4
ManufacturerAircraftCruise SpeedMax AltitudeEnduranceRangeAvailability
Textron AviationCessna Citation CJ4835 km/h45000 ft5 hr4011 kmBase Game
Textron AviationCessna Citation Longitude895 km/h45000 ft7 hr6484 kmPremium Edition


Diamond Aircraft DA40NG
ManufacturerAircraftCruise SpeedMax AltitudeEnduranceRangeAvailability
AviatPitts Special S2S278 km/h15000 ft2 hr553 kmBase Game
CirrusSR22278 km/h17500 ft5 hr1482 kmPremium Edition
Cub CrafterX Cub233 km/h14000 ft6 hr1288 kmBase Game
Diamond AircraftDA40 TDI222 km/h16400 ft6 hr1373 kmDeluxe Edition
Diamond AircraftDA40NG252 km/h16400 ft6 hr1742 kmBase Game
Diamond AircraftDA62317 km/h20000 ft7 hr2377 kmBase Game
Diamond AircraftDV20204 km/h13120 ft6 hr1168 kmDeluxe Edition
Extra330LT278 km/h10000 ft4 hr1112 kmBase Game
Flight DesignCTSL222 km/h15000 ft6 hr1445 kmBase Game
ICONA5157 km/h15000 ft6 hr792 kmBase Game
JMB AircraftVL-3241 km/h13000 ft5 hr1279 kmBase Game
PipistrelVirus SW121222 km/h16000 ft6 hr1190 kmPremium Edition
RobinCap10250 km/h16000 ft5 hr1205 kmBase Game
RobinDR400/100 Cadet213 km/h14000 ft4 hr1019 kmBase Game
Textron AviationBeechcraft Baron G58326 km/h20688 ft7 hr2742 kmDeluxe Edition
Textron AviationBeechcraft Bonanza G36326 km/h18500 ft6 hr1705 kmBase Game
Textron AviationCessna 152198 km/h14700 ft5 hr769 kmBase Game
Textron AviationCessna 152 Aerobat198 km/h14700 ft5 hr769 kmDeluxe Edition
Textron AviationCessna 172 Skyhawk230 km/h14000 ft5 hr1186 kmDeluxe Edition
Textron AviationCessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)230 km/h14000 ft5 hr1186 kmBase Game
Zlin AviationSavage Cub169 km/h14400 ft4 hr699 kmBase Game
Zlin AviationShock Ultra144 km/h15750 ft5 hr599 kmPremium Edition


Daher TBM 930
ManufacturerAircraftCruise SpeedMax AltitudeEnduranceRangeAvailability
DaherTBM 930611 km/h31000 ft5 hr3205 kmBase Game
Textron AviationBeechcraft King Air 350i452 km/h35000 ft6 hr3346 kmBase Game
Textron AviationCessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX361 km/h25000 ft7 hr1786 kmBase Game

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