Age of Empires IV beta is starting tomorrow – August 5th

Big news for fans of Age of Empires. A beta for Age of Empires IV has been announced by World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment. Starting August 5th players can test multiplayer and versus AI modes for up to eight players. The beta includes four of the eight civilizations available in Age of Empires 4.

Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge have summarized what’s included in the beta:

  • Brush up on the basics with our tutorial mission, Mission Zero. Arm yourself with knowledge by rebuilding a township, learning important lessons on economics, early combat, and other core skills.
  • Test your mettle in multiplayer or vs. AI matches, including up to eight human or AI players. You can play against other Insiders or take the AI for a spin — we’re collecting data on a variety of match types so we encourage you to try out all the different modes!
  • Experience a wide range of maps that allow you to customize your own experience. You’ll be able to select from only a sample of our intended release maps during the closed beta, but don’t fret for choices: each map allows the user to select a variety of sizes and appearances (called “biomes” in-game).
  • Try out four of the eight launch day civilizations. Hone your strategies with the Mongol, English, Delhi Sultanate, and Chinese civilizations
  • Observe the games of others. Given its importance to the Age community, the closed beta build will allow participants to check in on the games of others (so long as the match host approves!).

The Age of Empires IV beta will run from August 5th to August 16th. The beta is only available to Age of Empires insiders who were members before August 3. There is no information available if more invites for the Age of Empires insider program and closed beta will be available soon. But, if you want to be included in any future Age of Empires betas, make sure to sign up as an Age of Empires insider. More information can be found here.

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