Microsoft’s gaming revenue increases 11% while its overall profit goes through the roof

Another quarter has passed, which means we get to report on the amount of money Microsoft has made. This quarter we’re seeing the effects of working from home decreasing and things slightly going back to normal. Meanwhile there are still worldwide chip shortages hurting the Surface, Windows and Xbox businesses.

The overall revenue for Microsoft in the past quarter was 46.2 billion dollars, with net income being 16.5 billion dollars. (Yes, that’s more than two Zenimax/Bethesda’s in profit in one quarter). This means Microsfot’s net income has increased by 47 percent.

The problem child for Microsoft in the past quarter was the PC market, which is dealing with chip shortages. Windows and Surface revenue were effected the most by this, while Xbox sales could’ve also been higher as there is still more demand than supply. Especially for Microsoft’s higher tier console, the Xbox Series X.

Meanwhile Microsoft’s cloud offerings have been doing great, with Office, LinkedIn and Azure bringing in growth across the board.

Microsoft’s gaming business is a story of two things. Hardware, subscriptions and first party revenue was up, while revenue from third party titles decreased. Overall the revenue from content and services was down 4 percent compared to last year, mostly offset by growth in Xbox Game Pass and first party games. Microsoft mentions last year at this time we were in the height of the pandemic, with gaming spending through the roof.

Meanwhile the hardware revenue for Microsoft grew 172 percent, thanks to the launch of Xbox Series X|S back in November. Obviously, last year these new consoles weren’t around yet. Overall Microsoft’s gaming revenue was up by 11 percent.

During the earnings report and the earnings call Microsoft didn’t announce new numbers regarding Xbox Game Pass. The last number Microsoft has given us was 18 million back in January. Want to learn more about Microsoft’s finances? Check out the shareholders page here.

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