Episode 67 | “BOOM”

We’re back and we’re live with another podcast episode. Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Nick and our very special guest, Mr BoomstickXL for a breakdown of all the latest gaming news this week.

We talk about all the latest happenings in the industry, from the wonderful Deaths Door, Dead Space, BF2042 and Halo Infinite Flighting.

We also get serious as we discuss the impact and abhorrent reports coming out about ActivisionBlizzard. Thankfully we end on a lighter note thanks to our Patrons and their always amusing Community Questions!


00:00:00 – We’re going live
00:00:19 – I don’t get Game Pass!
00:01:40 – Here comes the BOOM!
00:03:25 – What have we been playing?
00:12:15 – Tom Clancy/Splinter Cell tangent
00:17:20 – Dead Space is BACK! (Nick knew all along)
00:22:20 – Battlefield 2024 Portal
00:28:30 – HeavyMetalEra
00:31:00 – Halo Infinite flighting
00:39:30 – Activision-Blizzard need to be better. Much much better
00:53:53 – We find out more about the Boom
01:06:40 – Patron shoutout
01:08:05 – Community Question #1 – DeoGame: Should MS buy a Film Studio?
01:18:20 – Community Question #2 – vrg: Your favourite Battlefield game
01:20:35 – Community Question #3 – Cerys: Childhood memories and what would you take to school?
01:29:30 – Community Question #4 – GoodOldCollingwood: Fanboys and their nonsense
01:36:58 – Community Question #5 – Medusa: Best upcoming year for Xbox?
01:43:23 – Superchat – Xbox Smash roster
01:46:35 – Community Question #5 Continued – Favourite Sandwich
01:50:30 – Community Question #6 – nrXic: Sumo and what’s next?
01:59:20 – Community Question #7 – DirtyFlint: Map creators
02:03:40 – Community Question #8 – Blast the Bass: Indies? or should games just be games?
02:14:30 – Wrapping up
02:18:50 – Ciao for now!

Here’s Soundcloud, if that’s your jam.

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Follow me on Twitter @_sikamikanico_ UK Based- Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Halo is my jam.

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