QuakeCon is returning for a digital event on August 19-21

QuakeCon is back for another digital only event on August 19-21. This event is put on annualy by Zenimax Media and is used to promote games made by ID Software and other Bethesda studios.

Arkane’s Deathloop seems to be the headline game of QuakeCon 2021, which makes sense considering the game is set to release less than a month after the event.

The official post for the event says that “QuakeCon will officially kickoff Thursday, August 19 at 2:00pm ET. The multi-day event will include special influencer streams, Bethesda’s own Community teams from across the world, developer appearances, and game updates – all streaming in support of charitable causes. The QuakeCon Staff will also be producing a slate of exclusive content for the community. Stay tuned for more info, including the full schedule, in the coming weeks.”

Stay tuned to XboxEra during QuakeCon as we will be covering any and all news that is announced.

Austin "Proven" Nelson

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