A Brand-New Halo Encyclopedia Is Scheduled To Release Next March

The 20th anniversary of Halo is right around the corner and in the last two decades a lot has happened within the Halo universe. To celebrate, 343 industries is creating a brand new Halo Encyclopedia. Halo Franchise and Narrative Writer Jeff Easterling aka GrimBrotherOne shares more below.

The Halo Encyclopedia is written in-house by the 343 Franchise Team trident of Jeremy Patenaude, Kenneth Peters, and yours truly. Do me a favor, if you’ve got the previous encyclopedia on your shelf somewhere, give it a quick look. If you thumb to the very end, I believe you’ll find it topping out at around 367 pages (if you’re counting the 2011 updated/expanded edition), and as you can tell… it’s pretty beefy. Well, the NEW Halo Encyclopedia is slated to come in around 25 percent larger—nearly 500 pages. It’s chock full of lore, details, explanations, clarifications, and maybe even a few revelations—all painstakingly scribed by folks who absolutely adore this universe just like you do.

The Encyclopedia is currently slated to release on March 29th, 2022. Pre-order information will go live “soon”. Make sure to check out the rest of the blog for more information about the Encyclopedia as well as more intriguing pieces of lore.

Update: Pre Orders are now live, price is $49.99

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