xScreen, which turns your Xbox Series S into a portable console, funded on Kickstarter in less than 20 minutes

It has been three days since the screen attachment for the Xbox Series S, which makes the console a portable all-in-one gaming console, was put on Kickstarter. Now, less than three days later, the project has gotten seven times the funding they projected required for the base level. At the time the project went live on Kickstarter the team managed to reach their goal within 20 minutes. Currently the Kickstarter has earned the creators over 68 thousand dollars, so they can start building the devices.

The xScreen is a solution by UPspec gaming and transforms your Xbox Series S into a portable – but not handheld – gaming device. Only one power cable is required and you are good to go. The attachment consists of a 1080p/60 screen and an attachment method to attach the screen to the console.

There are different tiers in the xScreen Kickstarter page. With all of the tiers backers will receive unique green latches for their console. On the Kickstarter page a lot of information can be found on how the concept works, with additional GIF’s to show how to attach the screen to your console. Shipments will start at the end of 2021, but backers can probably expect the screens to arrive in early 2022.

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