Omno is an adventure/puzzle game coming to Xbox Game Pass on July 29th

July is the month for new releases on Xbox Game Pass it seems. On July 29th the adventure/puzzle game Omno is launching on the service. This is a single-player game built by Jonas Manke with a focus on completing puzzles and discovering an ancient world. Back in March the game was revealed to the world and this week the release date has been announced.

Omno is set in an ancient world where you’ll travel through lush forests, across a sun blasted desert, over a frigid tundra and even the clouds. It is best described as a 3D puzzle platformer adventure game.

Omno will launch on Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam on July 29th. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

29 year old gamer who grew up with Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit. A PC Gamer. (Sorry, not sorry). Dutch, but actually Frisian. Loves Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves and wishes for a new Viva Piñata.

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