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Microsoft Flight Simulator update: a performance upgrade on PC, cross-play and more information on the Xbox version

During a developer livestream by Asobo Studios and Xbox Game Studios, the team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator has revealed details on work they’ve been doing on the simulator. This includes a performance improvement for PC and more information on the Xbox release.

The PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive a performance update. In the livestream Asobo showed off Sim Update 5 compared to the currently available Sim Update 4. The improvements during the demo were quite significant, with a 10 to 20 frames per second improvement and less cpu and memory usage. These upgrades to the simulator will also include improvements for the VR experience in the game. The Sim Update 5 is set to release on July 27th, at the same time as the Xbox release.

The Microsoft & Asobo panel during the Microsoft Flight Simulator stream

The Xbox release will include the same content as the PC version. This includes cross-play and cross-save. Content from the marketplace should also work on both PC and Xbox, though creators can opt-out of Xbox support for third party support. All Microsoft content in the marketplace will be available on Xbox and PC. Cross-purchase is supported. On Xbox Series X|S the framerate will be locked to 30FPS on regular televisions. With variable frame rate supported devices, having the option to unlock it. The Xbox Series S version will run in 1080p, while the Series X version will be running in 4K.

A physical version of the Xbox game will be available for the standard edition of the game. For Xbox One users the option to stream the game via xCloud is coming. This was again reiterated during the livestream.

Source: TwinFinite

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