Episode 63 – “Shrimp King”

The Podcast crew going live all over again!

Join Sikamikanico and Shpeshal Nick, with our third wheel this week being the Windows Central Shrimp King himself – Jez Corden!

Join us as we dive into the latest news of the week, but mostly we’re probably going to talk about Shrimp a fair bit.

As always, community questions sees us out! (Probably more Shrimp questions here too.)

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Go Time!
00:03:19 – Hi All! The Shrimp King is here!
00:06:30 – What have we been playing?
00:13:10 – We vamp randomly about Jez, Xbox consoles and their naming
00:18:30 – The Truth about the Shrimp is finally revealed
00:21:50 – A reminder about our giveaway!
00:22:38 – We talk the recent Halo update
00:32:25 – Nick upsets some Sony fans by spoiling a couple of surprises (nearly let’s a rumour slip)
00:36:30 – We talk about Jez and his journey (also, MS marketing tangent)
00:49:05 – Massive Windows Phone tangent
00:55:10 – Windows 11
01:01:25 – Killer Instinct isn’t dead?
01:05:09 – Dead Space isn’t….dead?
01:07:40 – Cerys reminds us that Microsoft really should have sold the Pride controllers
01:09:13 – A quick chat about the quality of Sony exclusives and Expandalones
01:17:45 – Rumour Mill
01:22:40 – Patron Shout
01:24:40 – Community Questions
01:25:40 – Q1 Phalaxis
01:31:05 – Q1 Cerys (more food stuff)
01:40:15 – Q3 The Scarecrow101 (pets)
01:43:55 – Q4 TornRaptor (Studio names and trades)
01:51:05 – Q5 DeoGame (Studio auditions)
02:01:08 – Q6 QuietGamer90 (Halo stuff)
02:06:20 – Q7 Beastmode10 (xCloud and Streaming tech talk)
02:17:20 – Q8 nrXic (Xbox exclusivity)
02:22:50 – Q9 n0tjack (proudest gaming achievement)
02:27:10 – Bye all

As always, if you prefer SoundCloud or Spotify, we have you covered!

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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