Episode 62 – “Dream Weekends”

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Nick and our very special guest, Sam Tolbert from Windows Central. It’s all E3 – we talk about the weeks news and our favourite things at the showcase.

Of course, no XboxEra show would be complete without community questions at the end, and you guys delivered!

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Intro – Hello and Welcome! Sam is on the show!
00:01:06 – What have we been playing – Super Animal Royale, Metro Exodus, Tunic, Sable, Mass Effect, SplitGate. 00:09:03 – Design Labs is back! Props to James Shields for the 360 throwback controller.
00:10:24 – Xbox Four next week! We’re excited.
00:11:50 – Lord Cognito shoutout!
00:12:15 – Design Labs for Elite Controllers please Microsoft!
00:12:36 – Xbox App has stories now.
00:13:20 – Party chat now supports text to speech and speech to text.
00:14:50 – Diving into E3 – First up – The Panel discuss how the show went looking back now the dust has settled. 00:17:56 – Community reaction online to the Xbox Showcase is great – is the meme of “Xbox has no games” finally dead, or will the goalposts move?
00:18:54 – The Next 6 Months is NUTS for games – Game Pass subscribers are FEASTING.
00:21:05 – July & August – Skatebird, CrisTales, Flight Sim, The Ascent, Lemnis Gate, Hades (OBLIGATORY NICK WAS RIGHT SHOUTOUT), 12 Minutes, Psychonauts 2!
00:24:15 – Sam’s Top 3 favourite things from the Xbox Showcase – Starfield, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Halo Infinite 00:31:10 – Halo Infinite / Bots discussion / Multiplayer Discussion / “Holiday” 2021?
00:39:55 – Nicks Top 3 favourite things from the Xbox Showcase – Contraband, Forza Horizon 5, Redfall.
00:47:25 – Sik’s Top 3 Favourite things – Sea of Thieves, Halo Infinite – Campaign cutscene “The Weapon”, Outer Worlds 2 for being very funny
00:58:00 – The Extended Showcase – Now we know why Parris Lilly bailed on the podcast!
00:58:50 – Hellblade 2 – Trailer – Discussion
01:01:50 – Game Pass is unreal.
01:03:17 – The Rumourmill returns!
01:10:57 – Okay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Acquisitions.
01:16:15 – Patron Shoutout! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Sik teases future thing in vague way
01:17:30 – Community Questions!

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Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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