XboxEra Presents: Flew The Co-Op

Up To Fowl Players

Gaming is better with friends. The team here at XboxEra strongly believes that. Whether it’s the exhilarating feeling of overcoming a difficult boss, or having a laugh at whatever shenanigans occur, the experiences are elevated when they are shared with your comrades.

What about you? Do you and your buddies have fond memories of playing through the Halo campaigns on Legendary? Have you ever pulled an all-nighter with your mates playing through one of the Gears games?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then we have just the show for you!

Get it?

FLEW THE CO-OP is a brand-new, weekly YouTube live-stream focused entirely on cooperative multi-player experiences on Xbox. Hosted by Justin O’Brien (@blast_the_bass), and featuring a rotating list of guests, the show will air on Wednesdays. Guests will rotate on a per-game basis, so the exact broadcast time will vary based on the guest’s time zone.

Up to fowl players.

All videos will be available on-demand after the stream. At the end of each game, we plan on releasing a “Best Moments” video showcasing highlights and bloopers from the play-through!

Come hang out with us in the chat, ask us questions, and we’ll all get to know one another!

After all, we’re better together!

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