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Eldest Souls Comes to Xbox Consoles on July 29th

Announced on Monday’s Future Games Show, publisher United Label Games and developer Fallen Flag Studio will bring Eldest Souls to Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles later this summer, on July 29th. Described as an RPG souls-like adventure, players will fight brutal battles in a constant wave of boss battles against the Old Gods that have wreaked havoc on the world. Besides pixel perfect graphics and boss rushes, players will be able to explore the Citadel, the holding grounds of the Old Gods, as well as build their character to best suit their playstyle.

More information can be found below:

Following centuries of servitude, Man finally rebelled against the Old Gods, imprisoning these colossal calamities within the sacred walls of the Citadel.

But an evil stirred within…

In a final act of vengeance, the Old Gods have unleashed a great Desolation upon the world. Mankind is fading, with but a glimmer of hope remaining.

Heavy is the burden that lies on one lone Warrior. Armed with a greatsword… of the purest Obsydian.

Source: Steam Page

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