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Halo Infinite impresses with Story Trailer and Multiplayer Reveal

It has been a long road for Halo Infinite to reach Xbox and Bethesda’s game showcase. After a subpar showing in 2020, a delay, and many months of Inside Infinite blog posts, we have finally seen more in motion gameplay from Infinite.

Joe Staten and Bonnie Ross took the stage to show off an overview of Infinite’s improved graphics, as well as a truly grappling in game cinematic. We were then transitioned to the Multiplayer Reveal of Infinite, which seems to perfectly blend what old-school Halo fans love about the series with a 2021 take on what a multiplayer shooter is.

There will also be a Multiplayer overview that goes live tomorrow where we expect to learn more details about the highly anticipated mode. Infinite seems to be coming into form, and we cannot wait to finally get our hands on the game later this year.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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