E3 2021Podcast

Episode 60 – “PrE-3”

The Podcast crew going live all over again!

Join Sikamikanico and Shpeshal Nick, with our third wheel this week being someone very special indeed, Resetera’s favourite video game journalist – Jeff Grubb!

With just over a week to go before E3 madness truly begins, we talk about the latest news from the week, but a big focus on the upcoming show.

As always, community questions sees us out!


00:00:00 Oh hi
00:02:02 Hi Jeff Grubb!
00:03:20 Sik grows hair
00:05:07 Xbots get murdered
00:06:13 What have we been playing? (Jeff, make sure you give *redacted* 9.8)
00:11:17 Tell Me Why Episodes 1-3 Free for Pride Month
00:11:50 Oddworld Rated for Xbox
00:12:00 Crysis Remastered Trilogy Announced
00:13:15 Nick is a fraud. Nintendo confirms it
00:14:48 Ride or Die with Elden Ring
00:18:50 Our E3 Predictions
00:19:50 Prediction – Halo….er der
00:27:00 Prediction – Starfield….er der
00:30:47 Prediction – Forza Horizon 5
00:33:50 Prediction – Star Wars….something
00:37:17 Prediction – Project Typhoon….Contraband?
00:39:32 Prediction – IOI’s Project Dragon?
00:41:12 Prediction – Arkane’s Omen
00:41:45 Super chat sidetrack – Viva Piñata? Bring it back please
00:44:55 Back on track and super chat flurry
00:49:00 Back to Omen
00:51:35 Prediction – Maybe an unexpected 3rd party partnership?
00:53:00 Hellblade II? Yes? No? Maybe?
00:54:45 Everwild? Yes? No? Maybe?
00:54:57 Avowed? Yes? No? Maybe?
00:56:00 So Persona is coming to Xbox right?
00:57:13 Is Sony basically “bullying” devs/publishers?
00:59:00 Scarlett Nexus on Game Pass?
01:00:10 We can confirm the Earth is flat and Australia isn’t real
01:00:45 Prediction – A healthy Japanese presence
01:01:30 Prediction – A bunch of other stuff. Indies, Hades, Flight Sim, Psychonauts Release etc
01:03:15 Will Wolfenstein 3 be there? eh….
01:04:00 Will we see Indy?
01:05:37 I can’t talk about Nintendo, that’s in the fall
01:06:30 Prediction – Ubisoft on Game Pass announcement?
01:08:55 Prediction – Maybe an Entertainment Tier of Game Pass?
01:14:57 Prediction – Halo Infinite Special Edition Xbox console?
01:15:29 Rumour Mill – IP Acquisition
01:19:43 Super Chat – Konami IP?
01:21:32 Patron Shoutout
01:22:33 Community Questions
01:23:15 1. Doncabesa – Sonic sucks
01:23:45 2. DeoGame – Xbox Macca’s Meal
01:27:58 3. FableHype – Nintendo E3 Hype?
01:30:00 4. Cerys…E Rated Games and teaching
01:40:25 5. Running Riot – When did you try and get your kids into games?
01:45:08 6. Phalaxis – Dream podcast guest? (hint: It’s Jeff)
01:47:10 7. Cartoon Solider – Elden Ring, what’s the deal?
01:48:03 8. Colbert – Jeff’s hair maintenance
01:49:47 9. TheScarecrow121 – Event styles
01:53:30 10. Commanderbuck – Will E3 be taped or Live?
01:54:15 11. Blacki – Social Media abuse and how you deal with it
02:03:15 12. Shadowlessedge – Indie Darlings
02:06:36 13. QuietGamer90 – Friendly advice for Jeff
02:10:40 14. beastmode10 – Sony bullying devs? Will stuff like this stop being swept under the rug?
02:14:40 15. Knottian – AMD tech and Xbox?
02:19:42 16. Mortifer – IP Acquisition and what’s coming to Game Pass?
02:22:17 17. Proven – Nick sticking to Starfield 2021? (Yes he is)
02:25:15 We ask Jeff what his dream E3 is
02:26:10 Ok baiiiiiiiiiiiii

As always, here’s Soundcloud if that’s your jam!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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