[Updated: Not yet.] Persona 5 Royal has been rated for Xbox in Korea

Updated article:

While it could still be happening, it seems some conclusions were drawn too quickly. The original source from Korea has now posted an update, it seems the registration for the Korea Game Management Committee was false:

Original article:

It looks like it’s finally happening. Persona 5 Royal has been rated for Xbox in Korea. This comes after numerous rumors of Persona finally making its way to Xbox over the past few years.

Our very own Nick has been hinting at the franchise making its way to Xbox for a while now, and this is the first official confirmation we have of that happening. Persona has been locked to the Playstation platform for a long time, so the series coming to Xbox is massive.

Xbox has an E3 showing in a little over a week, maybe the game is officially announced at the show? It’s hard to say as of now, but an announcement seems imminent, and that is very exciting for Xbox fans

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