Episode 59 – “A Wild Thomas Mahler Appears!”

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Nick, Figments and a surprise guest – Thomas Mahler from Moon Studios!

Buckle up, it’s a long one!

Join us as we discuss the weeks news, alongside plenty of interesting Game Design discussion, and of course, community questions from our Patrons!


00:00:00 – A Wild Thomas Mahler has appeared!
00:03:00 – We catch up and talk about what we’ve been playing – or has Thomas been making things primarily instead? 00:07:15 – Was Thomas surprised by the Bethesda Acquisition?
00:08:00 – Thomas flips it around and asks us how we split our time between service games and big “event” style releases? Game Design discussion begins!
00:19:55 – How do developers cater for gamers that want to play every now and then versus treating a service game like a job/Ultima Online unique game design and systems.
00:31:09 – Loot boxes and the manipulation of modern game design.
00:41:07 – Thomas’ camera overheats!
00:41:30 – Sik steers the ship back to the biggest news of the week – E3 Show dates and time confirmed. We discuss Halo, Starfield and more.
00:48:30 – Square Enix Conference leaked.
00:50:00 – Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay demo – looks damned pretty!
00:52:18 – Is general AAA game design wearing a bit thin for anybody else?
00:53:30 – Halo Infinite music leaked via Megacontrux
00:54:10 – Super Nintendo Switch /Switch Pro /Switch Advance
00:57:58 – Far Cry 6 Gameplay reveal
00:59:45 – The #Rumourmill
01:06:40 – Patron Shoutout! LOVE YOU GUYS!
01:08:40 – Community Questions – TornRaptor – best singer and Jet Force Gemini
01:12:30 – Ori and Game of The Year Awards / Game Design – indies VS AA VS AAA Discussion.
01:28:30 – Saint Erv – Elite Controllers and controller design.
01:32:53 – Bernaldo – Evil Within 3?
01:34:00 – Mortifer – Avowed? And what’s Compulsion cooking? Jack the Ripper?! What?!
01:38:25 – Shadowless Edge – Achievements and the evolution of them?
01:44:00 – Cerys Question: It’s HURDYGURDYS FOR LEGS!
01:48:22 – QuietGamer90 – HellBlade 2?
01:49:30 – Halo Infinite and possible backlash (Bloomberg tweet) /Tangent – Halo’s game design VS linear titles. 01:56:00 – Zweinstein – Elite Controller woes.
01:57:02 – DeoGame – Should Halo Infinite open or close E3?
01:59:34 – Ori 3 will open the show, and close with Banjo Threeie…. / Tangent – Indies and preparing content for E3/high quality assets and visuals versus expectations. Open World Fatigue.
02:19:58 – Phalaxis – Forza Horizon 5 – will seasons be a part of the game?
02:23:00 – nrXic – Best E3 moment of all time?
02:28:30 – E3 – Gamer Christmas? Tangent/ What’s the impact of being at E3 for developers? What’s the future of trade shows?
02:35:50 – Deogame – What inspired Moon to use handdrawn art, and will their new ARPG be doing the same? /Photorealism ages really fast vs. stylised art direction.
02:40:50 – Doncabesa – Silly leaks about the next Moon project?
02:41:54 – Hexer – if you could pick one class in RPG for the rest of your life, what would you pick? And best RPG of all time? (Thomas turns this into another game design discussion – hard class VS soft class)
02:47:53 – Phalaxis – When’s the next Ori game?
02:48:15 – QuietGamer90 – How did Game Pass benefit the Ori series?
02:50:55 – RomanBob – What ability was the hardest to get working in Ori? Tangent/cut content.
03:01:35 – Thomas Mahler’s “E3 of dreams”.


As always, here’s soundcloud, if that’s your preferred method of consumption!

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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