‘COVID-19 impacted production of new IP for Xbox Game Studios’ according to Matt Booty

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty has revealed some interesting information about Xbox Game Studios, the Bethesda acquisition and their upcoming plans. Let’s break it down.

A joint Microsoft-Bethesda press conference is happening in a few weeks. It has been rumoured, but now we have confirmation from Matt Booty. In a few weeks time we’ll see a joint press conference from Xbox and Bethesda.

Booty also states that they are leaving the publishing arm of Bethesda alone, they’ll function as they’ve done before the acquisition. With their own offices, marketing and communication. This is the same philosophy they use with the new Xbox studios.

Netflix uses data analysis to determine which kind of content works for a subscription service. Xbox doesn’t want to force their studios into doing games that are focused primarily on a subscription service model. They want them to make the games they want to make. On the question if any further acquisitions could happen Booty answered: ”I can’t share anything!”

Besides this, journalist Chloé Woitier also asked Matt Booty how COVID-19 has impacted Xbox Game Studios. The hardest hit studios are the ones working on new IP, with new gameplay mechanics. Studios working on sequels have been hit less hard with Working From Home and all the obstacles which come with working through this pandemic.

Source: Le Figaro / Chloé Woitier

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