Xbox Game Studios forms a strategic partnership with Tencent’s Timi Studios.

Today the Timi Studio group announced a partnership with Xbox Game Studios in relation to cooperation and content coming in the future, below is a quote from their website which has been translated:

Today, Tencent Tianmei Studio Group announced the formal formation of a deep strategic partnership with Xbox Game Studios. The two sides will combine their experience and strengths to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Xbox Game Studios is a global game industry leader dedicated to delivering quality games to every player on console, PC, and mobile platforms. The studio is also responsible for developing and distributing the largest series of games in history.

Tianmei Studio Group is Tencent Games’ boutique game development team, has been committed to bringing players a better gaming experience. Through this strategic partnership, Tianmei Studio Group will work with Xbox Game Studios for multi-dimensional, in-depth cooperation and exchanges to create superior game content and bring a new game sensory experience to the vast number of players.

Tencent Tianmei Studio Group and Xbox Game Studios specific cooperation content will be in this year with the vast number of players officially meet, stay tuned!

The Timi studio group is known for games like Pokémon Masters, a mobile version of Pokémon with GameFreak and Nintendo’s blessing, Call of Duty Mobile which allows players in emerging markets to access Activision’s franchise IP and other high-caliber mobile IP like Honor of Kings.

Nothing has been announced from Xbox yet, but we will update the stories as new details emerge.

We can probably speculate that given the Timi Studio group’s strengths, a Halo mobile game which is accessible in emerging markets or new games using existing XGS IP (Viva Pinata mobile, anyone?) could be on the table.

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