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Knockout City will have a 10-day free trial at launch; Season 1 detailed

Developer Velan Studios has shared today its launch plans for Knockout City, which will be released on May 21 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, being included day one on the EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate catalogue.

As soon as the game goes live a celebratory 10-day event called Block Party kicks-off, which will run until May 30 at 12pm UTC. For the entire lenght of this event, the full game will be free to everyone – even if you are not a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber!

This isn’t some level-capped, red-tape teaser with gated access, either. You’ll have the full game at your disposal—which is good, because you’ll want to try out all the new Contracts, Playlists, and content we’re releasing at launch without worrying about hitting an invisible barrier.

In addition to the Block Party event, Knockout City’s Season 1 starts a few days later, on May 25.

Our debut Season’s theme is “Welcome to Knockout City,” and it sets the stage for you and your Crew to explore a brand-new location, furiously check off Season 1 Crew Contracts, work together on Weekly Crew Contracts, brawl in new Playlists, and climb the ranks of League Play—all free, all Block Party long!

Check out the full Knockout City launch schedule on the art below:

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