The Crew 2 free ‘The Game’ update available now

The Crew’s Season 2 Episode 2 free update, The Game, is now available. It includes a new take on the Stunt game mode, vehicles, as well as the new Episode 2 Motorpass available right away following the Episode launch.

New Stunt Events

Season 2 Episode 2: The Game will push players to experiment a new version of the stunt game mode in a new original setting. Fasten your seatbelt and race on brand new circuits where loops, gates and traps will push our players’ driving skills to their limits!

In case of emergency or if our players need help to achieve the craziest stunts, each event can be played as part of a crew, but the more players, the higher the target for you and your crew members!

You’ll be able to discover 5 new Stunt Events, playable in Motocross, Rally Cross, and Monster Truck. Five events will be available at launch.

New Vehicle and Vanity Items

As a glimpse of the line-up coming with Season 2 Episode 2: The Game, players will have the chance to pilot the amazing Koenigsegg Gemera (Hypercar) on May 19th or the Yamaha YZR-M1 (Moto GP) available few days later, on June 2nd. Players can of course expect more vehicle additions over the course of the Episode.

New Motorpass

Here is a breakdown of what is to expect in the Motorpass with the new update:

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