Episode 56 – “Colt of Personality”

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Ed and special guest Colt Eastwood LIVE as we discuss what we’ve been playing, and all the latest news of the week.

70+ FPS Boost games, Division Heartland, Psychonauts 2, Apple VS Epic, A dream E3 and of course, community questions.

Jump in!


00:02:00 – Hello and Welcome! It’s Colt’s Birthday!
00:03:00 – Technical Difficulties! Welcome to ULTRA BRIGHT LIGHT MODE CHAT!
00:03:40 – What have we been playing?
00:08:29 – FPS Boost is pretty nice y’know?
00:09:34 – Who the HELL is ColtEastwood?
00:14:20 – The Media is waking up to Xbox fans being a large vocal userbase and are starting to create content for them – Agree/Disagree?
00:16:30 – The Xbox One was underrated (Ed STANS hard for Kinect)
00:18:40 – How old is Colt though?
00:20:50 – Sik spotted the language for Game Pass Tiers had changed (it was just an error) – But should Xbox Live Gold go away?
00:27:45 – Division: Heartland
00:34:20 – Conan Exiles coming to Game Pass
00:35:55 – Metro Exodus update coming to Series S|X
00:38:00 – Go get some Lemsip, a Beano and some Lucozade Sik.
00:39:00 – Psychonauts 2….soon? Devs don’t want to give out release dates right now.
00:42:30 – Playstation market their games better than Xbox
00:45:00 – Returnal and the Master Chief Collection – Sik tells a story.
00:48:30 – Why are people comparing R&C:RA to Psychonauts 2?
00:49:56 – Apple VS Epic – Xbox Profits, Streaming privleges, Phil is a nice guy even via email and more!
00:58:28 – Starfield Concept art? Do we think it’s coming out in 2021? Microsoft’s line up for 2021 – thoughts/predictions?
01:05:25 – Stalker 2 is 3 months exclusive, The Gunk – forever exclusive.
01:09:05 – Halo Infinite – Crunch, expectations and more.
01:24:50 – Patreon Shoutout (We really screw this up folks, we’ll do better next time!)
01:26:42 – #CommunityQuestions!
02:04:25 – RumourMill – Elden Ring – SPECIAL REVEAL EXCLUSIVE SCOOP (Sik is happy to play the Jingle)
02:06:45 – ColtEastwood is launching his podcast XNC next week!
02:07:40 – Colt’s “E3 of dreams”

And of course, here’s Soundcloud if that’s your jam!

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Follow me on Twitter @_sikamikanico_ UK Based- Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Halo is my jam.

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