Court filings show the Xbox was planning to reduce its store fee to 12% in the future.

"No plans to do so right now" Microsoft says

Court filings made public in the Apple V Epic lawsuit over the state of storefronts and platform holder policies in reaction to popular videogame fortnite being delisted from from apples app store for circumventing store policies have revealed some intentions for Microsofts plans with the Xbox ecosystem which will be a big boon for developers.

This document shown here outlines the service fee that Microsoft typically takes on a game/software app sold on their storefront. highlighted are the storefront plans for Xbox, we can see that in the future Microsoft is planning to also reduce their cut from the industry-standard 30% to just 12%, giving developers access to more cash flow. We also learned from Microsoft themselves last week that the Windows 10 store is moving to a 12% storefront fee in August so this could be a move to standardize the storefronts across both platforms.

This is huge for all the developers out there planning to release on the Xbox platform but it also provides another win for indies where that 18% in fees could be the difference between a successful launch and shuttering future projects. Alongside the positive force that is GamePass, this generation could be very good for the independent small developer scene.

“We have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge about these documents. Whether this plan has fallen through for Xbox specifically or Microsoft is simply biding their time to announce the standardization in time for the PC storefront cut remains to be seen.

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