Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition launches on May 19 for Xbox One

Failbetter Games has shared a new trailer for its upcoming game Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition, revealing a May 19 release date.

The game is an enhanced version of the original Sunless Skies, an exploration and narrative-focused RPG originally launched for PC on January 2019. New features and changes in the Sovereign Edition include:

– A major rework of starvation, with various new and probably inadvisable choices about what to eat.
– The character progression screen has been completely redesigned.
– On level up, the winds of fate will now offer you a choice from a subset of available facets, rather than every facet available.
– To compensate for the reduced control over your captain’s exact stats, the requirements for locomotive equipment and weapons are now substantially less demanding.
– Also, level 20 is no longer the end of your captain’s development: while they will not be able to choose more facets, they can now continue to improve their stats.
– Several new facets: perhaps you lost your soul (and found it again) or attended a seance.  Perhaps you have a notable hobby, or are close to rats, spies, Rubbery Men, devils?
– You will now be informed whenever you’ve unlocked a new deed.
– New trading opportunities.
– Hints for prospects.
– Many improvements to the chart.
– A saving indicator.
– A new exotic engine to discover, which may be of particular interest to experienced players.
– Numerous performance improvements.
– A rework of the saving and the save file system that should result in fewer eccentricities if your play session is interrupted by a power cut.
– Various quality of life improvements: for example, the first officer of a given type will now be automatically appointed to the position.
– Hundreds of bug fixes.
– UI overhaul to provide better support for controllers.  This will generally not be very noticeable to keyboard and mouse players, but should provide a much more intuitive and pleasant experience for anyone using a controller.

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