Serial Cleaners’ new map revealed

Developer Draw Distance has revealed a new map for Serial Cleaners, a single-player stealth action game set to release on Xbox later this year.

The video reveals the iconic 5Pointz complex, a location placing the game in the 90’s New York City. The video also teases new character Latisha “Lati” Thomas, a NYC-born music lover who is part of the cleaning crew with a unique skillset.

New York City, New Year’s Eve 1999. An unlikely team of four professional cleaners for the mob gathers to drink and reminisce about their careers at the turn of the millenium. As the details of their stories stop matching up, the ugly truth behind their cooperation begins to reveal itself. What starts as a celebration of a decade of shared history slowly turns into a tense and dangerous standoff.

Bruno Costa

Lawyer. A sucker for games, music and football (the real one!). Somehow in the Top 350 gamerscore leaderboard in Brazil. GT: brunopcosta1

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