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Sea of Thieves Season Two is here and it brings trading, a new skeleton fort and more

It’s time for the second round. Sea of Thieves’ second season is now live for all players to enjoy. The multiplayer pirate adventure game by Rare is entering its fourth year by adding plenty of cosmetics.. oh and some additional content too!

The largest addition to this season is a new type of fort. We all know those skeleton clouds in the skies notifying players that there is a skeleton fortress filled with loot on the map. Now there’s a new type of skeleton cloud, a red one, which shows players that a Fort of Fortune is active. These are more lucrative and difficult forts for players to engage with.

You can now purchase crates for commodity crates and Sea of Thieves has finally introduced actual trading routes. Players can now trade goods between different Outposts. And the prices change overtime, so it’s wise to check where you are selling your items!

As you can now purchase cannonballs, fruit and wood crates it seems Rare is giving players who play the game more often a slight advantage. As they’ll never be without any stock.

Obviously the update comes with a lot of new cosmetics, including a new ‘hide in a barrel’ emoticon perfect for sneaky players hiding on outposts or in ships.

The second season of Sea of Thieves is now live for players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 and Steam. It’s free to all players, including players who play via Xbox Game Pass.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

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