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Learning How to Walk Again

This game was played on an Xbox Series X

Enlisted is the newest title from Cuisine Royale developer Darkflow Software. It takes the novel approach of having small player counts but putting each player into a squad with AI counterparts. CRSED: F.O.A.D. (originally known as Cuisine Royale) unlike this one allowed you to properly move and aim like someone who knew how to use their body properly. Instead, Enlisted takes the approach of “what if I woke up one day and had no idea how to use my limbs properly. The graphics are ok, the music is fine, and the guns can be genuinely fun to shoot. Is that enough to redeem this eventually free-to-play game though?

Like a Busted Marionette

I really cannot say enough bad things about the soldier movement in this game. Put aside the issues that come with a microtransaction heavy free-to-play title. There can be sporadic moments of fun. We were provided with a code that gave me a bevy of fully leveled soldiers during the game’s beta period. The full release saw a wipe that took them away, and I’ve yet to get them back. If this happened to me then I fear for any paying customers that bought the $30 US or $50 version of the game to get these leveled up soldiers. Update: the publisher helped us quickly remedy the missing premium soldiers and I’m thankful for their swift response. Shooting the guns feels good at times, and then randomly while holding a direction I’ll quickly and uncontrollably spin 45 degrees in that direction. It is infuriating and I have not been able to find a control option anywhere to stop it.

There is soldier combat, tank combat, and plane combat to be had in Enlisted. None of it is good. There are multiple maps for both current campaigns (4 are planned), none of these stand out either. Enlisted’s best parts are all thoroughly mediocre. Its worst parts are truly dreadful. The music is well made but standard world war 2 fare. Once again I go back to that soldier movement. Not only do you randomly swivel uncontrollably at times, but you are incredibly slow, everything you do feels like your player-controlled character is recovering from a severe concussion. This was done to make things feel more “realistic and tactical”, but it simply does not work.

A Rotten Microtransaction Future

This game wants you to grind to build up your squads. There are multiple sides in the campaigns, and you must build up your team for each of them. How can you do this more quickly?  With money of course! Even then though you need to grind away to reach the proper level to be able to spend your money on things. The game is decently generous at times with unlocks but then you realize a gun unlock is only used for one person on one squad and you see how outfitting over 100 soldiers per side will take an incredibly long time. It’s pay two win in a way that ruins games for me, and it’s disappointing to see. Also as of the time of launch the game is crashing on me non-stop. I did not have this issue in the beta, and it may be due to me trying to use the Game DVR feature to get footage for the video version of this review. Hopefully, this will be fixed in time but after two days straight of hard crashes that turn my system off, I am forced to give up getting the footage I would like to so much of the video I’ll be using is from the beta. Honestly, though it is damned near the same game with some tightening up of the UI and tutorial so it’s not a big issue.

In Conclusion

I had hoped that the time spent in Game Preview would lead to Darkflow fixing the movement and aiming systems. I never had much hope for how the squad system would work with the free-to-play nature of the title, but if the gameplay were solid then I could still recommend giving it a shot. In the end though this is a bad playing, poorly set up, mediocre-looking game that you should avoid unless you’re desperate to go murder a bunch of poorly scripted AI with some friends. Though only since it’ll be free to play.


Free to Play




  • Guns can be fun to shoot
  • Graphics aren't terrible


  • Player movement is atrocious
  • Balance with vehicles is non-existant
  • Microtransactions and grinding Exp make things an odd version of pay to win

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