Arkane Studios delays Deathloop’s release to September 2021.

No release date is safe even as we are near the end days of the Pandemic. Deathloop from Arkane has been delayed to September 14, 2021. The game was orignally expected to launch in May after an initial delay, meaning an even longer wait for an excellent looking game from one of the world’s best studios.

Deathlooop is currently a PS5 exclusive even though Arkane is now owned by Microsoft. The deal for Playstation exclusivity was reached prior to the Xbox-Bethesda acquisition, and all prior Bethesda deals for non Microsoft platforms are being honored.

The delay impacts Playstation and Xbox players alike. Deathloop’s exclusivity deal is expected to last a year, meaning the earliest we can expect Deathloop on Xbox is September 2022. It’s an unfortunate situation for those eagerly awaiting the game on Xbox especially, but it’s a small frustration considering what is being gained after the Bethesda acquisition.

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