Episode 51 – “The Modern Vintage Gamer”

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Ed and our very special guest MVG A.K.A – ModernVintageGamer as we discuss all the latest news from the last week. Digital Stores are closing, PlayStation Exclusives are appearing on Game Pass and all the other crazy goings on.

Not only that, we’ve got a spicy rumour mill and of course some community questions from our lovely Patrons!


00:00:21 We say to hi to all and our special guest MVG
00:02:00 Straight into MVG’s thoughts on the Series S
00:08:55 A couple of Greek cleaners
00:10:45 We take a dive into MVG’s history, including how Xbox gave him a boost!
00:19:35 MVG flips the script and asks us about OUR history!
00:24:20 The risk/reward of YouTube
00:28:00 More on MVG’s work as a developer with Nightdive Studios
00:35:25 The PS3/PSP/PSVita stores being closed and PlayStation’s legacy
00:47:50 MLB The Show 21 launches DAY ONE on Game Pass!
00:57:53 Xbox vs Skittles
00:59:10 Random OG Xbox and Switch Pro tangent
01:03:50 Bang & Olufsen reveals their Xbox headphones
01:10:40 Smh Kotaku – Halo Delayed again!?!?!
01:18:05 Rumour mill 01:26:25 Patron shoutout
01:27:25 Nick and MVG talk Australian food
01:31:25 Community Questions
01:33:00 Question 1
01:37:40 The Saga of Question 2
01:41:20 Nick tells the BEST JOKE EVAR
01:42:20 Question 3
01:46:35 What have we been playing? (yes, at the end)

Jump in!

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Follow me on Twitter @_sikamikanico_ UK Based- Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Halo is my jam.

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  1. Great episode. MVG was awesome to have on and the Australian co-host of the show is super charismatic and attractive.

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