Is Hades part of the ID@Xbox Twitch event this week? It seems like it! [UPDATED: It’s not.]

Update: It seems we’ve celebrated too early. Hades will not be appearing on the ID@Xbox show.

Original Article:

Hades is one of the greatest games of 2020. Currently it’s only available for Nintendo Switch and PC. But that could change soon, as a Tweet by the Twitch account shows Hades as one of the games present at the ID@Xbox Twitch event this Friday, March 26th.

Now, it’s not 100% evidence. And SuperGiant Games products aren’t guaranteed to come to Xbox. The only game made by Supergiant that was available on an Xbox was Bastion, back in 2011. The two previous games created by the San Francisco based indie studio never came to Xbox. But, this rumour doesn’t come out of thin air, as our very own Shpeshal Ed has mentioned Hades coming to Xbox (and maybe even Xbox Game Pass) in 2021. He mentioned this in the 43rd episode of the XboxEra Podcast, back in January.

We’ll see what happens. This Friday the ID@Xbox /twitchgaming event will take place at 9 AM Pacific, 4 PM GMT, 5PM CET. Live on Twitch.

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