Episode 49 – “Smarter Delivery”

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Ed and special guest Samuel Tolbert from Windows Central as we dive into the latest Xbox and gaming news from the past week.

Aside from covering what we’ve been playing and enjoying this week, we also talk about our imminent anniversary and Sea of Thieves hitting 20M players, which is all rather lovely.

Then we dive in to Outriders, Gotham Knights, Persona, Life is Strange, the Xbox Wireless Headset, the March 26th ID@Xbox Event and we have a good old laugh about smart delivery.

Finally, we finish with the communities questions!

Jump in!


00:00:18 – Hello and welcome! What we’ve been playing – Doom Eternal, Adios, Munduan
00:06:05 – It’s our 50th Episode next week!
00:07:15 – Sea of Thieves celebrates 20M players! (Sik bullies for a background change) Let’s talk about Rare for a bit.
00:11:50 – Outriders comes to Game Pass! Let’s talk 3rd party releases on Game Pass.
00:17:35 – PS5 VR details surface/EVO purchase discussion + bonus Killer Instinct Discussion
00:25:20 – Gotham Knights delayed! Let’s talk all them game delays…
00:30:26 – The Truth about the Legend behind the Myth of Persona on Xbox, as well as bonus talk of more JRPGs coming. 00:37:23 – Life is Strange 3 announced – “Pretend Insider Shpeshal Ed ruins another surprise”.
00:42:05 – Do we think LIS3:True Colours is going to come Game Pass on Day One?
00:44:50 – Xbox Wireless Headset – thoughts so far.
00:51:10 – March 26th ID@Xbox Event – What are we looking forward to?
00:52:58 – Little Nightmares 2 appreciation society.
00:56:55 – March 26th event continued…
01:00:00 – Smart Delivery…Pretty good isn’t it?
01:05:54 – The Tolbert Report – How did Sam get into the industry?
01:13:45 – Patron Shoutout – and Sik tells a story about upgrading the XboxEra forums…
01:17:16 – #CommunityQuestions

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