Age of Empires event planned on April 10th according to Jeff Grubb

During his ”Summer Game Mess” Show, Jeff Grubb has revealed that Microsoft is planning an Age of Empires event on April 10th. It’s unclear what the event will look like, but according to Grubb Age of Empires fans should be excited about this event. Grubb had the following to say about it:

Let’s talk about April 10th. This is probably the one Microsoft thing that’s going to happen between now and E3. They will be talking about Age of Empires in some way on that day. So, look out for that. That game is probably a sequel, we know Age of Empires 4 is coming. Chances are if they are going to have a solo event that they are probably be talking about that. If you are an Age of Empires fan I would get excited. I’d say: hey, let’s check in on that. They should be announcing that pretty soon. I’m putting it on the list, I’m pretty confident about it.

2:55 – Jeff Grubb talks about the Age of Empires show

Back in August 2017 Microsoft held their last dedicated Age of Empires show, at Gamescom 2017. During that show they revealed remasters for Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III. And at the end of the show revealed they were collaborating with Sega’s Relic Entertainment on Age of Empires IV. At X019, in… 2019, Microsoft showed the first gameplay of the game.

XO19 Age of Empires IV gameplay reveal

Jeff Grubb seems to have a Podcast-marathon, as he has also appeared on our very own XboxEra Podcast this weekend. You can check that out here.

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