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New Minecraft Dungeons DLC ‘Flames of the Nether’ brings Xbox Series X and S enhancements

Two weeks ago Mojang Studios announced the new DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. It’s called Flames of the Nether’ and it releases accompanied by a large free update for all players. The paid DLC is included in the Season Pass and is the second DLC to release since the Season Pass was introduced.The DLC includes six new levels, new mobs and bosses and more. You can learn more in the video below:

Adjusting and improving the endgame

In addition to the paid DLC, Mojang is also changing aspects of the game for all users. The highest difficulty levels for the game are being adjusted. The current levels on Apocalypse Plus mode are reduced from 20 to 10. 15 additional levels are added and the maximum power of players has been increased to 250. The goal of this update is to make the higher end gameplay more balanced for all players.

To create a more interesting and long lasting endgame, the team at Mojang has added Ancient Hunts. These are procedurally-generated levels players can create by spending in-game points. This will mean more replayability.

Besides this Mojang Studios has also added a new currency in the game. It’s called Gold, because why not, and it can be found when completing Falmes of the Nether missions or Ancient Hunts dungeons. You can spend the gold at a Piglin merchant.

Xbox Series X and S enhancements

Minecraft Dungeons is now enhanced for Xbox Series X and S. This means the game now runs at up to 4K 120 frames per second on Series X and up to 1440p and 60 frames per second on the Series S.

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