Two Classic Xbox Franchises Set To Return This Year

Today there has been news of two remasters of classic xbox franchises coming later this year. Stubbs the Zombie by Aspyr Media and the Ninja Gaiden collection by KOEI TECMO.

Stubbs The Zombie was a classic Xbox game originally made by Wide Load Games in late 2005. It sees the player take control of the undead Stubbs as he builds a horde to take revenge on the inhabitants of Punchbowl PA. A city which is built on top of his grave. As the story progresses players will understand the back story of Stubbs and what drives his motivations and hatred for the town of Punchbowl and its founders.

The great thing about Stubbs is the unconventional weaponry that is used to cause destruction and wreak havoc. The horde building system and puzzle solving were something not really seen on the original xbox. The games claim to fame is using the original halo engine “BLAM”

Ninja Gaiden is a cult classic released for the original Xbox in 2004 and was followed up with 2 sequels to create a trilogy. Team Ninja handled the game and it is loved for its brutal difficulty and bloody aesthetic. The remastered collection includes the redone versions of 1 and 2 called the sigma versions which is contentious decision in the fan base, these games reduced the blood and other aspects of the series. The original trilogy are still available on Xbox via the backwards compatibility program.

The Master Collection will include all extra content and DLC released for the games over their life times.

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