Xbox announces a new, feature-packed Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox has just announced a new first-party wireless headset for the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. Under the simple moniker, Xbox Wireless Headset, the new accessory looks to evolve the original Xbox headphones released last generation with a bevy of new features:

  • Xbox Wireless for direct pairing to Xbox consoles (no dongle needed)
  • Bluetooth: supports simultaneous pairing to Xbox and Phone/Tablet
  • Retractable mic with beamforming elements to isolate voice from surrounding sound
  • Mic monitoring for auto-mute functionality
  • Supports Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone X
  • 15 hour battery life; 30 minute quick charge for 4 hours of usage

Furthermore, Microsoft states that their hardware team worked countless hours within multiple environments to create a best-in-class audio profile with lossless audio being delivered via Xbox Wireless and a tailored experience customizable by the player. Similar to the Dolby Atmos application on the Xbox, the Xbox Accessories app can be used to fine-tune the audio experience via built-in equalizer profiles, and individually customizable elements from bass settings, auto-mute sensitivity, mic monitoring, and more.

The post on Xbox Wire goes into further detail but the technology being packed into this $99 headset is incredible, especially if all the claims are found to be an accurate representation. Pre-orders are now live on the Microsoft Store with a release date of March 16. Stay tuned for more updates on the Xbox Wireless Headset as the release date nears and the team gets hands-on experience with them.

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