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Season 1 of Sea of Thieves has launched. With a new merchant voyage, new progression systems and a 120 fps mode for Xbox Series X

So, we’re almost in year 3 for Sea of Thieves. This online adventure game by Rare has been doing really well, probably better than most people expected. Today marks the start of a new content delivery schedule and a new phase for the game. Today Season 1 has launched.

So, what are those seasons?

If you are more into video content Rare has created an informative video breaking down the changes coming to Sea of Thieves with the seasons. But we’ll break down the main aspects below.

Each 3 months a new season starts. Today is the start of the first one. Each season will start with the introduction of a new content drop. In this case the addition of a new type of voyage for The Merchant alliance.

With seasons comes the addition of a new progression system in Sea of Thieves. In Rare’s adventure game it was pretty common to have sessions which last 3 hours or more. Playing for 20 minutes didn’t bring you much in terms of progression in-game. Now Rare is changing this. Every action you perform will earn you points in a 100-point progression system. Killing a skeleton? Digging up some treasure? Fixing your ship? It all earns you progression points. This means the progression system is more suitable for players who don’t play for hours on end.

Besides doing regular tasks there are also Trials. These are for players looking for an extra boost in progression. Want to progress even further and get more rewards? Then there’s the Plunder Pass. A battle pass system which works like similar systems in different games. If you reach levels within the Plunder Pass you’ll earn on certain Pirate Emporium items.

The Plunder Pass is a paid Battle Pass which can be bought for $10. It will give players the opportunity to earn up to $40 in Pirate Emporium items. So if you want to hoard every Pirate Emporium item possible, then the Plunder Pass is something to take a look at.

All updates to the game will remain free. And monthly updates adding new live events and Pirate Emporium items will continue to happen. Larger content updates, like todays new merchant voyage and progression system, will launch each season. Each season last approximately 3 months.

New merchant voyage

The faction least preferred by most of the players is the merchant alliance. The fetch quests for this faction weren’t very engaging. Today Rare has added a new voyage type for this faction. It’s called Lost Shipments and gives players puzzles to solve to find lost shipments all over the world of Sea of Thieves. These quests offer a more interesting and refreshing set of tasks to complete. And if you manage to solve all clues, the reward will be great.

Xbox Series X 120 FPS

We didn’t want you to miss this information: Sea of Thieves today received an update giving players on Xbox Series X consoles the option to play in 120 frames per second on a resolution of 1080p. Read more about the latest update to Sea of Thieves in the patch notes.

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