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Mosquitos, fireflies and bees added to Grounded in new update

It’s time to look up into the sky in Grounded as three new insects have been added to the game. The survival adventure game by Obsidian Entertainment which is still in Early Access/Game Preview is getting a full release this year. But, at the moment the team is still fiercely updating and polishing the game before it leaves the Early Access/Game Preview program.

Today Obsidian has added three new insects: the mosquito, firefly and bee. From Xbox Wire:

As the population of creatures in Grounded grows with these new additions, there will be even more items for players to craft. For this update, Bee Armor, a Firefly Head Lamp, and the rapier-like Mosquito Needle are all new recipes that players will be able to research and craft once they have taken down the new bugs. But that’s not all! Players are now able to craft a shield from weevil parts which allow players to block attacks that previously could not be blocked.

Along with the new creatures and crafting recipes, some new quality of life features have been implemented. Per community feedback, equipped items will no longer take up inventory space and instead take up equipped item slots. Not only that, when a player dies, all equipped items will remain on the character, making the journey back to their backpack to retrieve their items less arduous.

Grounded is available in Xbox Game Preview on Windows 10 and Xbox, Early Access on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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