Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West DLC is out now

A remaster just got a new DLC update. That’s right, a game more than 20 years old is still going strong. And we could even say it’s going on stronger than ever. Lords of the West is the latest expansion pack for Age of Empires II and the first expansion for the Definitive Edition. The DLC adds two new factions, the Burgundians and Sicillians and three new campaigns.

The three new story campaigns are .The Edward Longshanks Campaign, The Grand Dukes of the West Campaign and The Hautevilles Campaign. More information from Xbox Wire:

Edward Longshanks Campaign
Edward I is widely considered as one of England’s greatest rulers, mentioned in the same breath as Alfred the Great and Elizabeth I.  Known as “Longshanks” for his height and intimidating stature, he was a man that commanded respect as he transformed England from a tattered state into a prominent European power.

The Grand Dukes of the West Campaign
The Burgundian dukes are driven by ambition and greed. They lead an extremely luxurious life and need to constantly expand their domains to pay for it. Image and publicity mean everything to them. Philip the Bold earned his nickname after the defeat at Poitiers and John the Fearless earned his after a defeat in the Crusades, so these dukes know the importance of propaganda.

The Hautevilles Campaign
Robert Guiscard arrived in Italy in 1047 CE with a robber-band of 35 men. Within a century, his Hauteville family included dukes in Italy, princes in the Middle East, and even the King of Sicily. Join this intrepid family of Norman adventurers and complete their unlikely and compelling story.

The DLC is available on Windows 10 and Steam for $9.99. It’s not included in Xbox Game Pass. Members of Game Pass do get 10% off though.

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