343 has committed to “monthly updates” for Halo Infinite with the next update coming this week

Halo fans are always itching for more news about upcoming games, and that is especially true for Halo Infinite. While we have seen the game in action, we still do not have much information about the game. With the game being delayed late last year to Fall 2021, there has been some worry that 343 would go dark until close to release. Luckily, that doesn’t seem like it will be the case.

343 community manager Brian Jarrard recently confirmed on reddit that 343 would be giving monthly updates for Halo Infinite, and that the next update would be coming this week. Jarrard noted that this update would focus on the sandbox for Infinite, which is exciting since Halo is known for having unique sandboxes.

We expect the next few months of updates to be continued details about Infinite, and the updates will really ramp up around late Spring or early Summer where we are expecting a Beta for the game.

Make sure to stay tuned to XboxEra and especially our Halo podcast, You Had Me At Halo, where we will break down all the details from the upcoming update.

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