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This game was reviewed on Xbox Series X

Finding Zen in the Timed Chaos of Sorting Packages

Wilmot’s Warehouse places you in the role of a chill warehouse worker named Wilmot. You exist in a 2d world as a square-shaped being and your job is to move similarly shaped square packages. To accomplish this can grab, move, and rotate the packages in a race against the clock. Thankfully there is a calming art style that is matched by equally soothing music that helps you feel relaxed despite the timers constantly ticking down around you.

A Soothing Way to Spend a Day

Originally released in August of 2019 on PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch Wilmot’s Warehouse came to the Xbox platform and Game Pass on December 17th of 2020. As a tiny 100MB or so download developer Hollow Ponds and Richard Hoggs make the most out of their minimalist style. The art is clean and quickly conveys information without feeling busy. Your warehouse starts out mostly empty but will quickly become full of various packages each with a different icon on top. These icons will then be needed for the order phase, which comes after your 3-minute delivery timer has expired. The non-stop movement of grabbing multiple packages (up to 6 at first, but you quickly can move more with upgrades) and the joy many of us feel while sorting things into neat piles was immediately enjoyable to me. As you progress through the campaign you will get various upgrades that help adjust the gameplay and add nicely to the variety of what you can do.

Grab That Package and Run!

Controls feel great on PC and work well on a controller. I did find it a bit faster to grab and let go of boxes with a mouse but in practice it was perfectly fine with a controller. After every few delivery and order rounds you get an untimed stock run so that you can clean up the chaos that erupted as you made a mad dash to quickly sort and pick your deliveries and orders. The campaign lasts roughly seven hours and is complemented by a split-screen co-op and an expert mode that allows you to set different parameters to add an extra challenge. One issue I had was the lack of cross-saves between console and PC. It’s always disappointing to have a game released on Game Pass for both yet not share saves between them.

In Conclusion

As part of Game Pass for both console and PC, Wilmot’s is an easy recommendation for anyone out there that loves to sort things. The relaxing feeling that starts to take you over as you play isn’t something matched by many other titles. It really is the best of what smaller mobile-style games have to offer.

Reviewed onXbox Series X
Available onXbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS
Release DateDecember 17th, 2020
DeveloperHollow Ponds and Richard Hogg
RatedPEGI 3

Wilmot's Warehouse

$14.99 US




  • Zoning out and feeling calm
  • Great music
  • Cooperative Play


  • A bit short on content.
  • No cross-saves

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