Episode 43 – “The Year of Xbox”

It’s 2021 and we’re back! Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Ed and Figments for another episode of the XboxEra Podcast. We talk about the latest news, what we’ve been playing, some interesting rumours and more! Jump in!


00:01:35​ What have we been playing?
00:09:35​ XboxEra Forum Community GOTY
00:10:35​ XboxEra GOTY and our personal picks
00:18:25​ XboxEra 2020 Year in Review
00:20:20​ Looking toward Xbox in 2021 and a Halo tangent
00:23:15​ Duracell Xbox deal?
00:28:00​ Oral History of Xbox and a Sega acquisition tangent
00:34:20​ Cloud Gaming tangent
00:36:40​ Haptics, Gyro, Force Feedback triggers and the future of Xbox controllers
00:49:10​ Ubisoft Games and Xbox Game Pass?
00:57:00​ Long awaited return of the Rumour Mill
01:00:25​ Patron Shoutout
01:02:00​ Community Questions

As always, Soundcloud is available – Spotify too!

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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