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Twelve minutes is releasing early 2021

In a developer blog post the people behind Twelve Minutes have revealed the game is set to release in early 2021. In this developer blog they explain what work is left to do.

”We are aiming to release our title in early 2021”

Back in October the team wrapped up their mocap sessions. In the last few months the team has been working on polishing everything and work on completing the game.

Our big goal now is to get a ‘final’ build of the game, that can be played from start to end without any major bugs so we can playtest the hell out of it. For so long we’ve been focused on content and technical hurdles, that the experience has been left untouched for a while, as we waited for the voice-acting, animations, and music to be ready to implement.
Once we have this ‘final’ build, we can start answering questions like… is the pacing working? Are the puzzles understandable? The character arch? Controls?

Just like a movie might have to do reshoots, we might have to do some pick-up sessions to tweak dialogues, or slightly change some animations to better convey a plot point.

Once all this is in place and ‘locked’, we’ll then be able to wrap it all up for the last stage of development. That means localization, the console submission process as well as finding the perfect release window and share it with the world. Also during that stage, we’ll start to ramp up the marketing campaign and share as much as we can of the final product without giving away any spoilers.

On my side, I can’t wait to have this out for you all to experience, and I really appreciate all the patience you’ve had over the development period.

So, it seems the game is coming along well and arriving in the next few months. Want a reminder of what Twelve Minutes exactly is? Check out the trailer they debuted at E3 2019.

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