The Falconeer adds free DLC update ‘The Kraken’

At the launch of Xbox Series X and S a relatively smaller game launched alongside the new consoles. The Falconeer is a game made by a single developer, Tomas Sala, and is an Xbox console exclusive. Today a new free DLC for The Falconeer has been released. It’s called The Kraken and adds new missions and locations. Most importantly the update focuses on player feedback which has come in since the release last month.

Information on the DLC from publisher Wired Productions:

“The Kraken” is a free content update that delivers entirely new exploration and discovery experiences for players, including new locations; The Cartohom Cartographers guild and the Batis Wreckdiver company. Cartohom will offer exploration missions for players to discover even more of the vast world and lore to be unlocked in The Great Ursee, while the Batis are an ancient guild of master divers, plotting missions that will take players below the waves to recover wrecks and discover ancient treasures of the deep.

Additionally, AI and combat have received an overhaul, making dogfights smoother and more spread out, and include entirely new enemy behaviors such as the ability for enemies to roll, and the addition of an off-screen enemy indicator. “The Kraken” includes more updates and optimizations based on player feedback.

You can read our review for The Falconeer below:

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