Lords of the West, a new Age of Empires II expansion is releasing January 26th 2021

Today World’s Edge has revealed the first expansion to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition called Lords of the West. It includes two new civilizations, three new campaigns and new achievements.

New civilizations

Lords of the West includes two new civilizations. Coming to the game are the Sicilians and the Burgundians. Each with their own civilization bonuses and unique units and technologies.

New campaigns

Three new campaigns are included in this expansion pack. Edward Longshanks, The Grand Dukes of the West and The Hautevilles.

New achievements

Achievement NameAchievement DescriptionPoints
The English JustinianComplete the Edward Longshanks campaign.5
The Good, the Bold, and the FearlessComplete the Grand Dukes of the West campaign.5
Haute CultureComplete the Hautevilles campaign.5
Unchivalrous PragmatistDefeat Simon the Younger’s army before the baronial forces attack in the first Edward Longshanks mission “Vain Ambition”.20
Throne ThiefSteal the Stone of Scone in the fourth Edward Longshanks mission “Toom Tabard”.20
Malleus ScotorumKill William Wallace before Robert the Bruce betrays you in the fifth Edward Longshanks mission “Hammer of the Scots”.20
No WheelsDo not construct a single siege weapon in the first Grand Dukes of the West mission “A Kingdom Divided”.15
A Second HastingsIgnore the armistice offered by the British and invade England by wiping out Humphrey’s base in the fifth Grand Dukes of the West mission “The Hook and Cod Wars”.20
Shut Up La Hire!Defeat the French army before capturing Joan of Arc in the sixth Grand Dukes of the West mission “The Maid Falls”.20
Self-Made ManWin without allying with either Argyrus or Guaimar in the first Hautevilles mission “Guiscard Arrives”.20
Haute, Haute, brief candle!Inspire a rebellion in the second Hautevilles mission “Roger in Sicily”.10
Italy Jones and the First CrusadeDo not lose a hero in the fourth Hautevilles mission “Bohemond in the East”.20
Burgundian VictoryWin a game playing as the Burgundians.5
Sicilian VictoryWin a game playing as the Sicilians.5
Golden SpursTransform at least 50 Villagers into Flemish Militia by researching Flemish Revolution.5
Tour d’ItalieConstruct a Donjon and use it to train a Serjeant.5

The first expansion set for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is launching January 26th. You can pre-order it now on Windows 10 and Steam. You can get it for $9.99. More information on Lords of the West can be found here.

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