Halo Infinite will not be at the VGA’s, but we will see a “high level update” in the coming weeks.

343 has been pretty quiet since delaying Halo Infinite, and rumors have begun to spread that maybe they’d show up at The Video Game Awards in December. 343 community director Brian Jarrard aka “Ske7ch” recently commented on the Halo subreddit about when we should expect new info about the game

Jarrard comments that the game will not be at the VGAs, rather we would get a “high level update within the next few weeks”. It should be exciting when we do finally get substantial new information about Halo Infinite. Infinite, originally scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox Series X|S, was delayed after criticism from fans after a poor showing as well as difficulties in development due to Covid.

We still do not know exactly when Halo Infinite will be released, but the “You Had Me At Halo” Podcast has theorized that the game may release sometime during Q2 2020.

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