Unboxing the Xbox Series S

The Road to Next-Gen

Xbox has been marching towards the next generation of consoles, and while we’ve heard (and seen!) plenty about Xbox Series X, the Series S? Not so much.

That changes today, as Microsoft were kind enough to send us one.

The smaller and more budget friendly Xbox Series S – despite being one of the worst kept secrets in video games for over a year – hasn’t been seen first hand since it was leaked and then quickly officially revealed a month or so ago.

Neat and Tidy

The Smallest (and cutest!) Xbox ever

It’s clear from the images and video, this really is the smallest (and maybe cutest?) Xbox ever made.

Compared to the more ostentatious packaging of it’s bigger, beefier brother, you can clearly see the packaging is minimal and pretty rudimentary, but it’s still a nice presentation overall.

In the box, we get the usual console fare – an HDMI 2.1 cable, a pair of AA batteries, the new controller and the power lead.

Worth mentioning, you can hot swap either Xbox Series X|S directly into the power cable for Xbox One X or S, so if your cable management skills are anything like mine, you can firmly avoid reaching behind your media centre to plug your new console in.

Xbox Series S stacked up against Xbox One S and Xbox One X

The new controller has a really nice feel to it, and while it doesn’t boast any new features beyond the dedicated share button, the additional grippy texture and slight reduction in size are welcome adjustments.

The nicest thing about the Series S is the overall size, and I’m inclined to agree with Microsoft that they’re on to something here.


That’s about all we can share – and to save you asking, as much as we’d love to have a Series X to unbox, we haven’t received one – yet. If that changes, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Stay tuned to XboxEra for plenty more Xbox Series coverage as we head to launch.

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