New Sea of Thieves update Fate of the Damned is out now – bringing new events to the game

A new Sea of Thieves update has arrived. And it comes with a spooky Halloween theme.

This update brings new events and mysteries to the world of Sea of Thieves and also further fills the pirate emporium. It’s a smaller update than we’ve come to expect from Sea of Thieves, but there’s still some noteworthy stuff in here. So let’s dive in.

The update adds Fate of the Damned Challenges, Voyages and Rewards. New weekly challenges are accompanied by a new events menu.

Besides new challenges, there will also be new voyages. The Bilge Rat crews have gone missing, and it’s your task to find their last known whereabouts. Sharing their flames will uncover more of their stories.

A boss from Sea of the Damned has returned because of the rituals used to find the Bilge Rats. Crews who are victorious will receive a ritual skull which can be used to tackle the Fort of the Damned.

Pirate Emporium

As expected, this new update also brings new cosmetics to Sea of Thieves. You can now get a scary outfit for your pets, turning them into skinless and fleshless creatures. Oh, and there is a really fancy new outfit available for all pirate legends who complete all Fate of the Damned Challenges can purchase the Soulflame Captain and Crew Costumes.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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