Microsoft earnings are in: Xbox up 22% year on year

Four times per year we receive financial reports from Microsoft, to see how many billions the megacorporation has earned again. Well, this time it’s no different. Microsoft has earned 37.2 billion dollars in revenue and a net income of 13.9 billion dollars. Yes, that’s almost two Bethesda’s in profits in one quarter.

Microsoft’s savings account


Over at the gaming side of things it’s also looking very positive for the company from Redmond. Xbox revenue was up 22 percent year on year for this quarter. This was mostly driven by content and services, which was up 30% year on year. Those are mostly game sales and Game Pass subscriptions. Hardware revenue was down 27 percent year over year.

The CFO, Amy Hood, expects hardware revenue to grow over 40% due to the console launch, which will be supply constrained.

No update was given on the Game Pass numbers. Last month Microsoft announced it has over 15 million Game Pass subscribers.

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